Garage Floor Concrete Levelling

Whether you have an attached or a detached garage, you can be subject to a sinking floor. Often people realize their garage slab has sunk after they notice a gap under their overhead door or when the small “man” door begins to “stick”. Other indicators can be that the water in the eave troughs is running over the edge rather than going down the drain pipes or water from their car pools in one certain area of the floor. Regardless of what the indicator is raising a garage floor should be done as soon as it is noticed. 

It is far less costly to raise a garage floor as soon as sinking is detected. Level Up checks garage floors with a laser level taking all doubt out of what is going on with your floor, so ask us if you are unsure about your concrete. Call today for a consultation & a free estimate.

Garage floor slabs should be raised for many reasons. Repairing your concrete by lifting the floor when the problem is first recognized is far less expensive down the road, when it has fallen several inches. In the case of a detached garage once the floor has sunk the outer edge of the wood structure is often in the soil which normally will cause damage to the wood portion of the garage. More often than not, rotting of the wood structure occurs on the floor plates. Also, the fact that the soil and vegetation have bound to the concrete slab lifting pressures now becomes greater making the lift more difficult or possibly not realistic.

Concrete Levelling Garage Floors

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