Hazards such as uneven roads, streets, sidewalks, and highways can be dangerous to pedestrians and drivers. Replacing sunken concrete is expensive, and adding a layer on top of the sunken space will only lead to further issues in the not too distant future, it does not repairing the issue. There is very minimal disruption to traffic, as traffic can return too normal immediately after the project is completed.

If you have a concrete slab that has settled over time call Level Up for a consultation. Call us today to inquire about repairing your concrete!

Municipal Applications
● Bridge Approaches
● Settled Concrete rail Crossings
● Concrete Paved Highways
●  Airport Runways and Tarmacs
● Hockey Arena and Curling Rink Floors
● Gymnasium Floors
● Maintenance of Building Floors
● Walkways & Patios
● Trip Hazards
● Curb & Gutter
● Swimming Pools & Spray Pads (Incl. Decks and Aprons)
● Fire Halls & “Bus Barn” Floors

Level Up has a cost-effective solution so that you can save time, money, and hassle to replace concrete slabs. Our solution is polyurethane foam jacking! Municipalities recognize the need to reduce liabilities such as “trip and fall”, and contract with us to prevent those future liability issues.
Maintenance is far less expensive than a repair, and more often than not, municipalities have to deal with maintenance items to balance budgets, Level Up can help.

Municipalities Concrete Lift & Levelling

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